Journey To Be A Wanderer

A lot of people ask as to why you should travel?

Ever since I started maturing, I keep asking myself who am I ? what is this life meant for me to do? what will my future hold?. These thoughts keep running through my head and raise questions about my certainty and the future as to what life holds for me ?.

That is when I have decided to pack up my bags and travel. It has changed me so much over the past few years and in fact, I’ve even worked as a salesman to fulfil my passion of travelling locally.

If you ask me what are my suggestions for travelling, then here it is

Travel doesn’t cost you much

Yes take up your vehicle and when your mind is disturbed travel alone nearby  to spend time with yourself and know whom you are, if your not down with that travel to other states locally and in fact, the world is huge to explore a lot about yourself

Wallet won’t be wasted

In fact, during my work, I used to just fill in my tank with a petrol to travel to the places all around Chennai, trust me it doesn’t take a penny out of your comparing to the other expenses you have in your life.

Lots and Lots of people out there

Yes by travelling you get to meet lots of people who are travel enthusiast, who are extroverts with similar thoughts and you can synchronise with them. Search the internet for travel websites, apps and blogs to get yourself an idea as to where do you want to go and plan out your days of travel.

Checklist preparation

Yes, this is important part while travelling.It is necessary to prepare a checklist before you could travel and mind you a checklist of things is very much essential as it will underline the things what you’re going to do in the travelling period .keep it small and simple for beginners.

Keep Minimal Packings  & Stuff

Yes, this is very much important for a first-time traveller. Don’t overdo things i.e don’t over pack when you’re travelling for the first time.A  step by step increase in luggage for the trips that you plan ahead for your calendar year will help you keep things in an organised way. planning and organising are the first eventual steps for success for a traveller.

Don’t feel Nervous 

I know this is hard to say but it happens for every first-time travel. This is subjected to change for each and every persons though. For me first time when I was  mean to travel alone in my first journey I was nervous as to how well I am going to carry forward this,It is all experience which makes you throw away the paranoid feeling you got and things will change   once you pack up your bags and start hitting the countryside for a long travel  to get  a peace of mind .

Make Memories & Rediscover who you are

Yes, the main reason is you travel is to have a change for yourself. Away from all the day to day routine works you have in your life, to give yourself a change, give yourself a time to heal, to know who you are. Travel . Travel a long distance to places where you have never been. So that you can make memories for you where you can cherish them and in the process, you will have happiness with a smile on your face to get the feeling that can’t be put into words but with experience and memories for which makes you the wanderer whom you are meant to be.Also, don’t forget your camera while travelling to capture good photos.

The author is a buoyant traveller and a  young lad, He shared his experience as to how much travelling can change the person whom you want to be.

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