A Winners Play Book to Pivot During a Crisis

Insights from 21 Industry Experts

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Shifting gears

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Let’s face it. We are in a lockdown and life on the other side will not be the same. But winners pivot on their heels, shift gears to create newer springboard to success.

In shifting gears, 21 such stories of PSAI members who plan their rise and demystify the anatomy of resilience are shared. Their plans, their optimism and their contribution. 

We have lessons from the Indian army, lessons from experienced speakers who have faced the 9/11 and the financial recession and now share their resilience during COVID, from deeper insights of self-leadership, mindfulness and positive psychology to everyday business strategies in marketing, podcasting, online courses, digital selling, personal branding to managing your investments and employee engagement the range of pivots are wide. 

It is a collective effort in these uncertain and unstable times and sure there will be a few takeaways for everyone. 

You never know which story will spark your interest or help you in your journey.

21 interviews

Hear their stories, watch their passion in 21 exclusive interviews with the 21 authors where they talk beyond the book to their own backstories, motivations, and hands-on tips to succeed in life and business.
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to hear rich ideas, strategies and pivots in 21 exclusive interviews.

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21 days, 21 stories

MEET THE Authors

Abirambika Ravivarman

Lifefulness Coach

Amith Prabhu

Reputation Engineer

Babu Krishnamoorthy

Financial Sherpa

Bala Iyengar

Keynote Speaker and Corporate Coach

Bijay Gautam

Podcast Mentor

Brig Sushil Bhasin

Time Investment Strategist

Chetan Mahajan

Writing coach

Dr. Latha Vijaybaskar

Leadership coach

Kiruba Shankar

Digital Selling Strategist

Krishnan Naganathan

Innovation Coach

Manjoo Shree. N

Self Love Catalyst

Nandita Pandey

Personal Branding Coach

Navanee Viswa

Video Marketing Strategist

Pravin Shekar

Outlier Marketer and a raconteur

K. V Premraj

Employee Engager

Rajesh Srinivasan

Marketing Evangelist

Sagar Amlani

Productivity Explorer

Sandeep Nath

Inner Power Coach

Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh

High Performance Business Coach

Col Shyam Vijaya Simha, SM

Leadership Coach

Srijata Bhatnagar

Setback Leadership Explorer