Adedayo Benjamins-Laniyi (Dayo)

    Dayo “golden  voice” Benjamins-LANIYI is a foremost media entrepreneur and Nigeria’s No.1 event profiled female Master of Ceremony.

    Her spontaneity of language and expository style of delivery have earned her the highest commendations in the industry as well as hosting  platforms of distinctive national and global diversity.
    Her CV includes hosting Nigeria side events at DAVOS & the United NATIONS.

    Dayo is a singular persona brand whose speakership extends to advocacy with youth, women, politics, the faith arena and SDG initiatives.

    Dayo a.k.a. DBL is an Enterprise Communicator par excellence with a unique panache which defines her satorial elegance in delivering her presentations, as she loves to say  ” Perception is King but content is Queen !” And DBL is a true African Queen in her art & style of speakership.