Nitin Mantri

    Nitin Mantri is the Group CEO of Avian WE (including Chase India) since 2006. As a 20+-year veteran in PR, he has worked with leading brands in diverse sectors and is known for his ability to mitigate crisis and train the C-suite in managing the media. Nitin co-founded Chase India, now a subsidiary of Avian WE, in 2011 to work on public policy mandate for Indian and multinational companies. Before joining Avian WE, he held senior positions at Brodeur/Pleon (now Ketchum) in the UK. As President of International Communications Consultancy (ICCO) and Public Relations Consultants Association of India (PRCAI), he takes keen interest in the development of the PR industry. He regularly speaks on PR, marketing, branding and reputation management at the AMEC Global Summit, ICCO Global Summit and Sabre Awards. He teaches and charts course syllabus at prominent mass communication colleges in India to increase awareness about the profession at grassroots level.