Omran Matar

Private Advisor, and Coach, to Speakers & Leaders

As one of the founders of the Commonwealth of Independent States Speakers Association (CISSA), Omran Matar is intent on bringing into the global speaker community the vast talent that exists in the Russian speaking world.

Omran himself is a private advisor, and coach, to speakers & leaders. Operating primarily out of the C.I.S. for the past decade, Omran’s formative years took place in Australia.

Family business, a career in law, and a transition into finance preceded the move into advisory & coaching.

Advising to, & investing in, speakers in the C.I.S is the current mainstay for Omran.

In additon to his mainstay, Omran’s speechwriting (& ghost-writing) services have seen a spike in demand over the past 12 months.

Omran is honored to be able to partake and add value at the inaugural Professional Speakers of India Summit. Onwards and upwards!