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What is PSAI?

This association was created to build a thriving, supportive

community to help each of us grow our speaking career globally.


There are several tangible as well as intangible benefits of being part of a global community that is focused on professional speaking. Find out the various benefits


Professional Speakers Association of India is a proud member of the Global Speakers Federation. We are now a part of a strong network of 17  Speaker Associations across the globe.  Have a look at the member associations here.


PSAI India was founded on principles of abundance.  We plan to diversify and unite all members across India. This is a wonderful opportunity for people from each city to unite and form a network.For PSAI believes in caring, sharing and networking in establishing the lifelong network.

Each people from different cities can take part in their own city chapter formation and lead the team to global accolades and showcase themselves as professional speakers all over India and in the process getting global recognition


PSAI Chennai is dedicated to advancing the expertise, eloquence, enterprise and ethics of experts who speak or train professionally.


PSAI Mumbai Chapter is committed to being the flag bearer of the PSAI values and help the members grow in their business of speaking.


Reflecting the city’s character as a bustling metropolis and India’s start-up and tech hub, the Hyderabad chapter of PSAI is a fast growing community of professional speakers in the city.


PSAI-Delhi is the Delhi-NCR Chapter of Professional Speakers Association of India (PSAI) has some of the best professional speakers in the region.

President Speaks

I remember the times when geography used to play an important role in what opportunities a speaker got.

Time was, when, simply because you were the only one close enough, you got the speaking gigs and training engagements.

Today, with the advent of technology and the prevalence of virtual and hybrid events, you get chosen not because you are the nearest,
but only because you are the best!

The time of the truly global speaker is upon us!

There are three things we can equip ourselves with, to face this onrushing future with confidence.

Are You Culturally Aware?

Times are changing, old values are getting reinterpreted, and new ones being born to reflect the global go-getter mindset of the millennial generation. It is important for us as speakers to understand the ethos of our audience and be the bridge that connects their questions to the answers hidden and latent in their own culture and heritage.

Are You Technologically Ready?

From speech preparation to presentation, from audience engagement to feedback gathering, tools abound. And, they are threatening to create a divide between the tech-savvy speaker who uses AI to analyse her audience and remote-presence tools to reach a far larger group, and the tech-newbie who is still grappling vainly with Powerpoint slides and Zoom passwords.

Are You Willing To Collaborate?

Man is a social animal. And, now, more than ever before, there is widespread realisation of the benefits of collaboration. There is too much out there for one person to master in a lifetime. The key skill for one to imbibe is the art of collaboration and complementary support. Come together. Work together. Learn together. Get better together.

At PSAI, our constant effort is to equip you with these three. You get to meet, work with, and learn from professionals, each a specialist in their own right. Writers, speakers, trainers, evangelists, gurus, masters of every ilk, volunteer their time and effort to boost the collective capability of the community. I welcome you to The Professional Speakers Association of India, and wish you a happy plentitude of fruitful interactions!

Rajendran Dandapani

President PSAI 2022/2023

                                               Meet The Team !                                                                    

Vinay Pushpakaran

President (2022-23)

Purva Bhatt


NP Bhatnagar


Rajendran Dandapani

Immediate Past President

Esther Indurkar

Membership Chair

Brig. Sushil Bhasin

Education Chair

KG Gupta

Marketing Chair

Rajendran Dandapani

Technology Chair

Sivakumar Palaniappan

President - Chennai Chapter

Abhijit Sanzgiri

President - Mumbai Chapter

Sandeep Gupta

President - Delhi Chapter

Santosh Akella

President - Hyderabad Chapter

Chimmu Kutty

President - Bengaluru Chapter