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    Our Journey

The Professional Speakers Association of India has been formed to help build a strong community to help you enhance your professional speaking career globally.

We are very proud to be part of the Global Speakers Federation, an organisation of 14 National Speaking Associations of 14 countries which include USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Namibia, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany.

PSAI provides members with comprehensive mentoring, resources, networking, throughout a lifetime for which they need to master the skill of their trade.

We are committed to professionalism, excellent striving throughout to create a better platform in the services industry.The association together with its members is creating differences in the world we live in with its audience.It needs the enthusiasm, continued support towards its goals from others to excel in all aspects.

We believe in creating a generous, supportive and friendly environment where you can thrive.

Many members have contributed towards PSAI. Some of the contributors are given in the link below.

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Getting a membership of PSAI will be one of your best investments to improve yourself as a professional speaker.

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